Apache::VirusFilter - transparent virus check.

This module scans POST multipart/form-data upload file content
with ClamAV::Client. If a virus is found in the content, this
filter will destroy the incoming data, and generate a server error.
A friendly message containing the virus name is also added as

# Add to your apache config in your vhost section
PerlInputFilterHandler Apache::VirusFilter

TODO: Currently each file is loaded into memory (one at a time - not all at once).
If a very large file is uploaded, this process could become quite large.
In the future this module should spool to disk after a set threshold.
download Apache::VirusFilter and copy it to your perl @INC path such as /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/Apache/VirusFilter.pm
download virustest and copy it to your cgi-bin directoy to test that your filter is installed properly. You can download a fake test virus.